Doctors of Tomorrow

Premedical Programs

This is the non-profit arm of Diverse Medicine Recruitment Center. The mission of DMI is to increase ethnic and socioeconomic diversity within the field of Medicine via mentoring and outreach. Diverse Medicine’s belief is that individuals from underrepresented ethnic groups as well as those from economically disadvantaged upbringings are capable of becoming highly effective clinicians and scientists if provided with a community of support and mentorship.  In mentoring such students, Diverse Medicine promotes better health care for all.

This is a free online community where premedical students from diverse backgrounds can connect with medical school recruiters.  The ultimate purpose is to provide recruitment opportunities for students.  There are many qualified premeds who never get the chance to pursue their dream of being a medical doctor simply because they did not know that there was a medical school out there looking for a students just like them while at the same time, the medical school never knew the student existed.  Diverse Medicine Recruitment Center solves this problem by providing 24/7 online recruitment not limited by time, money, or location.

This initiative of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) represents future underrepresented medical students. Associate Members of SNMA attend some of the strongest and most influential undergraduate institutions and constitute a large percentage of our membership body. Our members are active in all fronts; we are creating diversity and making strides in all aspects of medicine and patient care. SNMA has a great interest in increasing the number of physicians of color entering the workforce and know that our pre-medical students are our future colleagues and successors.

This is platform aimed to encourage the education, training, recruitment and retention of African-American/Black and underrepresented minority physicians, and thereby help to eliminate health disparities, improve health equity and access to medical care for people.