Episode 8: Dr. Matthew Anderson: Cut From A Different Cloth; the rise of a neurosurgeon as a minority amongst minorities

Matthew N. Anderson is a neurosurgeon, who trained at Brown University. He is interested in cerebrovascular neurosurgery, with a specific interest in interventional treatment of ischemic stroke and pediatric vascular malformations. Matthew is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. He then went to Stanford University to complete his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences. At Stanford, Matthew was president of the Stanford Black Pre-Medical Organization, an organization dedicated to increasing the number of African American doctors in medicine. After Stanford, he attended University of Connecticut for medical school where he was co-president of the Student National Medical Association for two years. Throughout his academic career, Matthew has been interested in learning ways to increase diversity in medicine through various mentoring and pipeline programs. 

During this episode, he explains how he got involved in medicine, and the unique challenges he has faced as black gay physician. He uncovers the impetus behind his passion for increasing diversity in medicine and the importance of self care to stay fueled on his mission. When Dr. Anderson is not performing clinical responsibilities, he enjoys reading, running, weightlifting, cycling, hiking, traveling and karaoke. To hear more about his story make sure you tune in to another Black Men in Medicine Podcast episode, bringing you nothing but the gems!

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